My games first draft

Attached below is a link of my game “ON SPORTS IN EGYPT”. I would like you to please play it and give me feedback on it. My game is about playing sports in Egypt and how it interferes with many teenagers educations due to timings of trainings and lack of availability of time for studying which puts children under too much stress. I

I would like you to give me some feedback on my game and whether the you think the scenarios are realistic or are being exaggerated. I’m also looking for your feedback on whether I should include more consequences per scenario and if you have more scenarios that you think I should include or if there are some that should be removed.

Link to the game:

3 thoughts on “My games first draft

  1. Thanks Mariam. I think what you did is create a very short list of scenarios for 5 different initial pathways. So to fully experience the game, someone needs to try it several times with different pathways because following one pathway is TOO short, just 3 or 4 questions.

    The game work well, all the links go where they are supposed to, and I like that you make the player know what’s happening in the pathways they did not choose, with a chance to move back.
    However, I feel like some depth is missing in the game. I don’t feel the struggle because the decision making processes are too brief. Please get feedback from more people.


  2. After completing the game, I empathized with the person who would have to make those choices. Some tips: It isn’t always obvious when the scenario has been completed as a result I ended up on the next slide that wasn’t related. If you could end each scenario so that the only options are to exit or play again, that might simplify things.


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