“On Sports in Egypt” game final reflection

During the creation of the game and the data collection process, I gathered a lot of information about how our system in Egypt isn’t really supportive of the youth’s creativity and doesn’t help in promoting following your dreams. In my opinion, I see that this is due to our very poor education system and very corrupt institutions that want to keep the youth from thinking, as thinking means questioning, and questioning means change and the government and rulers don’t really want change. And so, they stop the youth from following their dreams and forcing them to making choices, and in the case of the game: the student has to choose between continuing their studies or playing a sport that they like.

Furthermore, for my game “On Sports in Egypt” I didn’t have enough time to edit the game as much as I wanted to because it needed me to add more scenarios per path, and since most paths branch differently, it meant that I had to include more and more scenarios that I didn’t have enough time to do. So, if I had more time I would’ve included more scenarios that would’ve made the player felt more engaging with the game and would’ve empathized more with the student. This was actually one of the recommendations that I received about the game as the player didn’t feel the struggle of the student as much. 

Another reflection that I got was that people were not sure when the game was over due to it being very short and people not being actually sure if the game is over so they moved to the next slide thinking they were pressing next but it turned out to be another scenario. Thus, what I did was that I added at the end of each game whether they want to play again or they want to exit. 

Moreover, during the data collection process I learnt that many people nowadays are doing sports science and physical science for bachelor’s degree as those people wanted to be professional players one day but they weren’t able to. So, they decided to study sports at university and hope to be professional coaches one day. One of the questions I asked was whether their parents were approving of them choosing this major at university and many of them said that they had it was a long process for them to convince their parents. I also learned that creating a game is a different variation to raise awareness for a specific topic as many people get bored from reading articles and from listening to presentations, while games just take up to a maximum of 10 minutes and can actually be very informative too. 

Below is a final draft of my game, I hope you have fun playing the game. 


Below are links from people’s comments on my game:




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