Soliya reflection

To me Soliya was a different experience from other types of communication that we use on a daily basis. This is because Soliya connects you with randomly with people you do not know whereas other online platforms would usually connect you with people you follow or people that follow you or who have an interest in what you’re saying. To me the concept of being chosen to connect at random with people that you don’t know but that have actually chosen to be part of a program like that is very interesting and fun. The other thing about the Soliya program is that because there are 4 sessions and each being 2 hours, you actually get to know those other participants and get to connect with them on a very personal level and become very confident and open around them. In addition, because of how the program is organized it allows every person to share their opinions without being disrupted and making you have an equal chance of being heard, decreasing the chances of any misinterpretation or misunderstanding, which makes the program different from other online platforms.

            Furthermore, I learned that I’m more of a functional and personal communicator. People’s value and thoughts play a huge role and communicating with someone on a more of personal level is important to me. I like to feel confident around people and I like them to feel the same way because then we would be more understanding to each other’s views and ideas. I’m also a functional communicator because I believe that orders and having a system is very important, it increases respect between each other and decrease the chances of miscommunication which has already created many problems between people around the world.

I would also encourage people to try to be understanding as much as they can when listening to other people’s opinions and try to put themselves in others people’s place whenever they feel like what is being said is not applied to them. This is because we live in a very diverse world where most people live in different cultures and have different values and views on how the world works, so trying to actually understand one another might help in solving those issues. I would also encourage people to try their best not become very defensive when trying to explain something because it can be seen as very passive aggressive by the other person, leading to conflicts which is something that we’re trying to avoid. 

            Moreover, I would like to say that as the Soliya program mainly relies on the internet, this can be very unfair to people that have internet problems or slower internet in their country and shows how inequality is prevailing in our digital world. People who live in more developed countries don’t have an issue with internet connections as the internet is almost provided freely everywhere in the country, whereas people who are living in developing or less developed countries have to pay huge bills in order to have good access to the internet, showing that there’s no equity even in our digital world. 

            Lastly, I would like to say that through the Soliya program I was able to reflect on my intercultural maturity and know where I stand at each of the three dimensions. So, for the cognitive approach I realized that I was standing at the intermediate level and that is because it takes me a while to put myself in other people’s cultures and to think of all the other different perspectives and that it is not my first instinct when listening to a different perspective. However, through the program because of the different cultures I was exposed to it made me develop different ways of thinking at a faster state. For the intrapersonal and interpersonal approaches, I found myself standing on more of the mature side as I’m able to be openly minded to other types of thinking even when holding different perspectives and values.

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