Final Reflection:

Digital literacies course was by far one of the most entertaining, thoughtful and effective classes I’ve had in the university. It is also one of the classes that I will miss the most and hope to have another one taught by Dr. Maha and would love it if it were to be with the same group of people. In my opinion this is due to how the classes were oriented and how the topics were presented to us. Having to have open class discussions is one of the most effective tools of learning as it forces you to engage and ask questions about the theme or question presented. In addition, it opens you up to listening to other people’s opinions and thinking from different perspectives.

What I learned in this course:

During the year we were exposed to many different skills, ranging from using google slides in a way I’ve never thought about to using Slack an alternative to WhatsApp that still provides fast communication but at the same time can be manged better for groups and also provides a faster way of communication when contacting the professor. Slack is actually one of the applications I would like to use in my social life especially when I’m required to work with a group of people as WhatsApp can take so much memory and is sometimes ignored due to the fact that you get many messages on it that you sometimes don’t want to reply to. Additionally, I have learnt that I really like group interactions in class and that I actually love participating in all conversations (sorry if I was sometimes interruptive). For my academic life, I would love to use as it allows us to comment on specific parts of an article that I find more interesting than writing a whole reflection. For my career I might use the idea of an ALTCV as I believe that when applying to work they shouldn’t only look to you as a person and for the qualifications you have, but also look at your personality and interests too. 

If I were to show someone my learning in this course:

If I would show someone or my friends my learning in this course I would show them: the game that I created and my other classmates’ games because it is something that we all put so much effort in and all of them teach you something but in a different way than how we’re used to learning stuff. It will also show them how creative this course was. Secondly, I would show them the Digital Confidence Profile test so they can actually know how confident and know what skills they need to develop in their personal digital profiles. Lastly, I would show them my blog so that they can see most of my assignments so that they can see how different this class is oriented from different classes offered in the university and how much I have actually learnt from it. 

If I could change 2-3 things about the course to improve it: 

The first thing that I would change would be Soliya, because it consumes a lot of time in one day. So, since we’re only allowed to meet once a week but for two hours and we’re not given very flexible time it means that if we have a very tight day it would even make it tighter. A better option would be if they gave us 2-3 days a week where we’re allowed to access the platform so that it can be more flexible. Secondly, I would choose to remove using twitter because it’s a social media platform that I actually don’t enjoy using and since I already had an account but didn’t want to use it, I had to create a new account that I used instead but would delete after this course. Instead we could use WordPress were we access each other posts and comment on them. Lastly, as I mentioned in my tools reflection  I would recommend using more often than writing reflections on whole articles as I find it more interactive and fun. 

What kind of person should take this course:

I would say a person that likes class participation and who’s more of an extrovert, as this course requires a lot of class conversations and creativity.


With the many options we were given in this course my favorite ones were the game creation activity, the data detox activityALTCV, and Digital Profile Confidence activity because those required a lot of creativity and are very different from the reflection assignments that we do in my courses too. The ones that I didn’t like as much were the reflection assignments as they required less creativity although many of the reading were actually very interesting.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you so much Dr. Maha for this amazing course and for all my classmates for making this class very memorable and fun, and if I were given a course to retake it would definitely be this one. And lastly, I’m very sorry for my late reflection but exam week was very hectic.

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